21 Gold Wedding Gowns for Simple Yet Luxurious Look

A bride is the center of attention on a wedding, and gold wedding gowns simply let the bride sparkles and turn the eyes of anyone on her. It might seem too much for some, but you can always opt for a simple dress with a gold accent for that luxurious look. So, here are five gold wedding gowns that will help you achieve the amusing look from the guests, and of course, the groom!

Champagne Wedding Dress

The classic white wedding dress can never go out of style, but you can simply change the color to champagne gold color for a different feel. Whether you want to add a few sparkly accents on it, a plain one is already perfect anyway.

Long gold shoulder dress
Beautiful long white strapless wedding dress
Long gold strapless wedding dress with flowers pattern
Long gold bodycon wedding dress
Long white gold strapless wedding dress with vines pattern
Long gold apron wedding dress with beautiful white flowers pattern
Elegant long gold strapless wedding dress

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Champagne Tulle Dress

You can also play around with the material of the dress. In this case, tulle dress is amazing if you want the soft and girly look. Make the length of the dress long enough to touch the ground for that flowy look. It will help with the dramatic entrance as you walk down the aisle.

Amazing long V neck wedding dress with glitter line pattern ideas
Beautiful long sun wedding dress with gray flowers pattern
Mesmerizing long red gold wedding dress with sprinkle pattern
Stunning long sheath wedding dress with beautiful pattern
Best long wedding dress with glitter pattern
Awesome long sheath wedding dress with sprinkle pattern
Long gray sprinkle V neck wedding dress

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Glitter Dress with Fit-and-Flare Silhouette

Combining both strong and soft look, this dress uses both dramatic glitter for the top part of the dress and soft champagne-colored bottom that fall nicely to the ground. This is the perfect balance between two vibes, and you will look stunning with the combo.

Long glitter gold halter wedding dress
Long glitter slip wedding dress
White gold V neck wedding derss
Long gold sprinkle wedding dress ideas
Sprinkle purple slip wedding dress

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Long gold V neck wedding dress with gold flowers pattern

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Long gold strapless wedding dress

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Gold is a great choice of color for your special day. By wearing gold wedding gowns, you are uplifting the classic white gown into a glamorous look depending on the style you choose. From plain champagne color to glittery gold, these gowns will make you look stunning! Walk down the aisle with confidence and style, and impress the guests, family and of course, the groom.

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