30+ Best Fashion Tips for You to Get the Right Outfits

To get a really proper outfit you have to consider some factors that can influence your appearance. If you want to get the right one, you have to be able to make the outfit in harmony with your body shape, your events, the weather, and even the body height. Here we have some tips that you can use to be your guide in choosing the right outfit so that you won’t get trouble with your outfit.

Adjusted with Your Body Shape

Basically you can do things to make such a great illusion of your body to get the look that you want. Let’s say if you have the plus size body shape, you can have black color outfit to make your body looks slimmer. Then, for you who have thin body, wearing layer clothes or horizontal patterned outfit will help you to make your body looks more meaty. Avoid to wear off shoulder outfit because it will make your thin body thinner.

A jewel-toned plum jacket with a pencil skirt in black
Black blouse with a leather skirt
Black dress with high heels
Off the shoulder dress in black with belt

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Striped dress
striped t-shirt with ripped jeans
black skirt with striped top
white jeans combined with striped top
striped top in white and black with wide leg pants

long sleeve striped top with black pants
striped top paired with over-all jeans
all-striped outfit
black skirt combined with striped blouse

striped dress

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Consider the Events

To make you look decent, don’t forget to adjust your outfit with the events that you are going to attend. In case you have to attend an important meeting, make sure that you wear the formal outfit. But, if you just want to go hang out with your friends, choose the outfit that can give you comfort because that will be the moment where you are going to chill and refresh your mind.

white blazer with black pants
white shirt with black skinny jeans
light blue shirt with wide-leg pants in white
vertically striped shirt with black pants
white top with a skirt

beige sweater with green pants
striped shirt with ripped jeans in white
white t-shirt before a brown coat with black pants

all-maroon outfit
horizontal striped top with black pants

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Consider the Weather

Weather can also becomes the things that you should consider when choosing the outfit. You know that weather can give you such a huge influence for your comfort so that you need to avoid the bad before it comes. Wear the outfit that can protect your body from the weather no matter it is hot or cold. After that, you can move to the fashion side.

Green hoodie before black leather jacket with black pants
Grey cardigan and white t-shirt with maroon pants
black pants with jacket and scarf

a big sweater with black pants and knee boots
a green coat and grey sweater and ripped jeans
Denim jacket and grey t-shirt and short skirt

brown coat with blue jeans
layered outfits idea
pink sweater with black pants and knee boots in black

black coat and white top combined with ripped jeans

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