8 Chic Summer Nail Designs To Perfect Your Style

Summer is near and that means, you will need this 8 chic summer nail designs to perfect your style. Since summer will escalate your excitement and you’ll always need to be ready for a summer party, right? That’s why, you need to prepare your nail as well. Because, proper nails will lighten up your mood!

1. Marble Glitter Nail

You got perfectly polished pink nails on you? Then, just add marble decoration in it. Quite on the contrary, the marble pattern decoration is easy to make. You just need to swirl the polish on your nails. And to make the surface even, you need to use top coat. As simple as that!

2. Summer Flower Design

This design is only using two colors. That means, in order to have a pretty nails like this, you don’t need to spend too much money on nail polish. Actually, this design also works well with different color scheme. So, you don’t have to worry if the design is too girly for you, just change the color and you’ll be fine!

3. Crystal and Flower Mix

For a simple person, some of the nail art may seems wholesome. That’s why, a design like this exists. It is simple, yet elegant at the same time. Perfect for those who want to keep it subtle, but still wanting pretty manicure on their nails.

4. Gradient Flower for Summer

The beauty of summer is the color itself. When winter is identical with something cold, summer lets you enjoy various color. Even for the simple nail art, using bold and colorful polish is still better than the dull one! For practical reason, a gradient nail is the best. Of course, don’t forget to add some flower for a nice touch!

5. Simple Line Art for Manicure

One of the simplest manicure is by using linings on your nails. The steps are easy. All you need to do is using your favorite nail polish, then decorate it with gold and silver linings. Not only make it looks chic, the gold and silver color will add class to your manicure!

6. Crystal Decoration on Pastel Nails

Too tired to paint your nails? Then, use some crystals to decorate it! Of course, due to its small size, placing crystals on your nails will take time. But, due to its simplicity, even a few crystal can make different nuance easily! Because everyone will look at its shine, of course!

7. Gold Linings Decoration

The gold linings is the solution if you only got two nail polish colors on you at the moment. With gold linings, you can easily cover all of your mistakes from the time you were applying polish. And it also will make your nails look tidier than usual! Wow, so much advantages from simple linings, right?

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8. Tropical Painting Nails

What could be more perfect for summer than the plants? That’s why, to express summer on your nails, you just need to paint all of the tropical plants that you know. First, you can start from drawing palms. Then, move to the other plants or fruits!

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9. Popping Colors for Your Nails

Another way to get the perfect summer vibes, is to express the identical things in summer on your nails. One of the examples is cactus, a plant that is heat resistant. Of course, you better paint it with bright color, so people will take a look at your beautiful nails. And about the flamingos, it doesn’t have anything to do with summer, but isn’t it cute?

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10. Various Gradation of Pink

Summer is about bright colors on your look. That’s why, it is completely justified to use this kind of pink gradation as your summer nails. Not only it will make you satisfied, but it is also eye-catching. Of course, use matte finishing for an unique touch on your nails.

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