50 Cute Nail Art Design Ideas For This Summer

Summer is the party season! Almost anything fun is going to take place in summer. That’s why, you need to prepare for it and make sure that you will get the best summer ever! The 50 cute nail art design ideas for this summer will help you, to let you enjoy the summer through your nails. From the characters painting until cute patterns, you can have it all.

Of course, some of the cute nail designs are intricate and complex. Make it almost impossible for newbie to get to copy the exact same design. But, the designs in this list aren’t like that. They are easy and pretty doable in short time. So, you don’t have to waste your time to do your nails!

Polka Dots and Cats
Single Dot and Line Decoration
Cute Modified French Nails
Polka Dots and Stripe in Matte Finish
Mix of Polka Dots and Hearts
Bear Painting and Pastel Polka Dots
Three Sizes Gold Dots
Coral-Like Dots for Nails
Red Polish with White Dots
Black and White Dots from Sticker

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Simple Tribal Pattern on Nude Nails
Symmetrical Nail Art
Watermelon-Inspired Nail Art
Dark Red Ombre Nails
Glitter on Nude Nails
White and Blue Marble Nails
Long Nails with Crystal Decor
Symmetrical Glitter Manicure
Yellow French Manicure for Summer
Pink Marble Nails
Red and Gold Lines Nails
Small Black Triangle Design
Mix of Ombre Nails and Glitter
Banana Painting on Nails
Cute Ice Cream Painting on Nails
Abstract Lines Nail Art
Simple Yellow and Cactus Painting
Ombre Pastel Nails and Coconut Tree
Dystopian Nail Art Design
Vintage Pattern on Pastel Nails
Lemon-Like Nail Art
Ocean-Like Blue Manicure

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Simple Crystals and Glitter on Nails
Simple Light Pink Manicure
Half Pattern Nail Art
Light Blue and Half Glitter Nail
Metallic Blue and Glitter Manicure
Simple Gray Nail Polish
Ombre Nails with Glitter on Pastel Color
Glittery Ombre Nail Art
Mix of Nude Nails and Glitter
Matte Finish and Light Pink Nails
Simple Gold Glitter on Nude Nails
Light Pink Nail Art
Half Moon and Decor Manicure
Light Ombre Acrylic Nails
French Manicure with Glitter on Nails
Tribal Pattern for Nail Decor
Pineapple Inspired Nail Painting
Holographic Nails on Blue Base

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