30+ Top Men Haircut Inspiration for 2020

Men haircut can be quite tricky to choose, but most of the styles will look professional and timeless in photos anyway. So, why not try out different haircuts every now and then? To start the year of 2020, here are some top men haircut ideas for your inspiration.

Wavy Hair with Skin Fade

If the previous trend requires you to have a straight, hard lock, 2020 welcomes the soft waves to be in trend as well. However, to make the wavy hair look more textured, it is best for you to learn how to use a diffuser. The diffuser is used to lock the waves and curls, so the natural hair won’t look frizzy when it dries. By using the diffuser, your waves or curls will look even more enhanced. Then, make skin fade for a sleeker look.

Classic short men’s haircut
Long on top, short sides and back haircut
Long wavy hair that undercut
Medium length wavy hair
Messy waves
Short wavy haircut with a skin fade
Side part comb over
Side part hairstyle
Wavy faux hawk
Wavy fringe and high fade

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Modern Pompadour

This hairstyle has been known for decades and one of the most popular men haircut ever. With a modern twist, this will even look modern while still being classy. You can contrast the voluminous top with a skin fade on the bottom. Then, add a straight line on the fade to make it even more modern.

Bloated top with stranded pompadour
Classic skin fade
Classy Brushed Up Pompadour
Combed pattern burst fade hairstyle
Drop fade with tapered sides
High volume pomp with hard line design
Puff with undercut
Skin faded neckline
Thin hair with low fade
Vivid taper fade with hand brushed top

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Messy Hipster Hairstyle

If you are not a fan of the undercut, this is a great option for you. Instead of creating skin fade, you can simply cut the bottom part of your hair a little bit shorter, but not that short so it still flows. Then, keep the top part of your hair lengthy to create a classic combover hairstyle that perfectly suits your casual look.

High taper fade with messy textured comb over
Messy curly hair with short sides
Messy quiff with high skin fade and beard

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Asymmetrical messy hipster haircut
Long messy hair with short sides
Messy curly waves with drop fade
No fade messy waves
Surgical line long messy hair

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Black messy hair color
Messy haircuts for men

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If you are in need of a new haircut, then the three men haircut styles may inspire you. The looks are timeless with a bit of modern touch that will get you ready to face 2020 with style. Find out the right cut for you and don’t forget to experiment with it!

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