33 Cool and Warm Winter Outfits Ideas

Generally, winter gives us two ideas for our fashion, layered and warm outfits. Moreover, the dip temperature will not limit you to look cool yet fashionable in this freezing season. Therefore, some layered and warm outfits idea will get you more amazing this winter. Also, winter allows you to mix and match and create your street style. Then, pick you boots that have been in your closet since the past six months and have a fancy winter with the following outfits ideas.


Coats offer you a elevated look in winter. Likewise, they are your answers to cover your skin perfectly in winter. Its warmth get you comfortable yet cool in every occasions. In addition, long coats can be your layer for a sweater, a shirt, or dress. For example, a brown faux fur coat looks edgy to combine with denim pants or skinny jeans. Pick your boots for a festive look.

Winter outfit combined with a brown coat, denim pants and snake-patterned shoes
Dark gray coat with black scarf and black pants for a fancy look. Then, silver shoes complete the winter style
Long gray coat with black t-shirt, black pants and black shoes
Long blue blazer with black sweater combined with black pants. And, white shoes bring a sporty vibe
Long white coat with white t-shirt, black leather short pants and long black leather boot
Brown coat with pattern scarf, blue denim pants and black shoes
Pattern coat with brown t-shirt, black pants and brown leather boot
Black coat with gray scarf, black denim pants and black shoes
Brown coat combine with brown scarf, black pants and silver shoes
Brown coat with dark sweater, white shirt, black denim pants and black shoes
Long gray coat with white t-shirt, white pants and black high heels
Gray coat with white knit beanie, white sweater dress and long gray boot
Brown coat with white turtleneck sweater, black pants and black high heels
Outfit with pink coat, pink sweater, black denim pants and pink shoes
Long white coat with sweater dress, black pants and black shoes
Long black coat with black beanie, beige t-shirt, black pants and black shoes
Black coat with floral embroidered sweater dress in white and brown boots
Long white coat with blue pattern scarf, black stocking and black boots
Gray coat with white skull cap, pink sweater, ripped denim pants and high heels
Long brown coat with white sweater, black pants and black boots


The simplest winter outfits is sweaters. Whether it is oversized, knit, turtleneck, or colorful sweater, it will make you charming in winter. Also, sweaters make you simply casually sporty if you pair it with pants and sneakers. Nevertheless, sweaters are fruendly-matched with any bottoms like skirt, trousers, and skinny jeans.

Simple outfit with purple sweater, black hat, black pants and snake patterned shoes
Winter outfit with pattern scarf, gray sweater and gray ripped denim pants

image source

Winter outfit with light blue sweater, white skirt and black ankle boot
Furry jacket with white sweater, blue ripped denim pants and black shoes
Black turtleneck sweater, ripped jeans and black boots


Everyone has jackets for daily style. Especially in winter, jackets get their first rank that are chosen by some women to cover up their body. Parka, faux fur, and leather jackets are some of the most famous jackets worn in winter. In addition, take your scarf and boots for a trendy winter outfits which give you warm for stepping outside.

Black jacket combine with pattern scarf, blue denim pants and black boots
Faux fur jacket with black scarf, black shirt, black pants and black shoes
White furry jacket with black leather jacket, blue denim pants and black boots
An army green jacket with beige beanie, white t-shirt, black leather pants and black ankle boot
Black jacket with black skull cap, grey sweater, plaid mini skirt and knee high boot

image source

Black leather jacket with plaid scarf, black sweater, blue denim pants and white shoes
A black leather jacket with white scarf, plaid shirt, blue denim pants and knee high boot in black

image source

Now, you have lots ideas of getting warm outfits in winter. Coats, sweaters and jackets are undoubtedly chic for your daily style. However, you take a casual look in this cold season, you will not lost your elegance. On the other hands, if you want to get them in a more formal occasions, you are possible to get them layered. Thus, pick some ideas that inspire you more. So, be fashionable ladies!

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