22 Most Beautiful Basic Outfit Ideas to Wear this Winter

Talking about winter outfit, there will be some basic outfits that you can wear. Here, the focus will be on the warmth than the fashion. It might won’t give you the trendy look, but it still really worthy for your daily wear. In hence, if you want to have the stylish look, you can add your outfit with the accessories so that you don’t need to be bothered with the outfit. Go check the following references out.


In this case, the formal look will be quite easy to have. Here, you might a little bit confuse on how to manage your work outfit but actually you just need to wear the long coat or blazer. Then, for the bottom wear, it will better if you wear the long trousers to make sure that you get the warmth. However, if you still want to wear the short skirt, don’t forget to adjust the weather or simply wear the legging and boots.

Long dark brown coat paired with black blouse. Then, the grey trousers with belt looks really match with the white sneakers.
Beige color coat paired with black long sleeve t-shirt looks really harmonious with the black leather trousers. Then, the white boots will make this look perfect.
Grey sweater as the inner will looks even more perfect with the beige coat color. In hence, the black heel boots will be matched with the leather trousers.
Vertical stiped shirt and black trousers seem to be harmonious with the black striped coat. Wear the white heels to match the white shirt.

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Suede coat can also proper for your winter formal outfit. In this case, you can combine it with the same shade trousers and heels.
Don’t forget that short skirt can also proper to wear during winter. You can wear knitted sweater and leather handbag for the formal look.
Add with legging for your skirt if you think that the weather is too cold. Then, if it is needed, layer your blazer with coat for the warmer feeling.
This white wool jacket seems to be proper for formal look when combined with the black trouser, high heels, and suede sling bag.
White and grey baggy cardigan color looks harmonious with the white top and black skirt. Wear the high boots and grey hand bag.
This look seems to be trendy with the red long blazer, turtle neck inner, and ripped jeans. However, the high heels can create the formal impression you need.
Blue denim shirt with inner looks warmer because of the coat and heels. Moreover, the beanie also really worthy to wear.

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Not only for the formal look, you also need to have the casual one. It is because the casual look is really easy to wear and comfortable. Here, you will get the comfort for the movement in any condition. In this case, you might can’t get the easy movement in your chic skirt look as if you wear your trousers. The following pictures are the casual outfit references that you can adopt based on your personal taste.

Black sleveeles puffer vest paired with white horizontal sriped t-shirt then combined with black legging and animal print flat.
Striped t-shirt combined with black long cardigan, black legging and boots. Then, add this look with pink shawl for warmer feeling.
Grey wool jacket look really harmonious with the grey suede boots in white wool part on the inside part of the boots.
White turtleneck sweater seems to be harmonious with the black legging and shoes.
Youe ripped jeans looks really casual sombined with the black plaid shirt. Then, wear the ankle boots and shawl to complete your look.
Your ripped jeans can also proper when combines with the textured sweater. It will be evem more complete with the black boots.

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White baggy sweater paired wih red plaid shawl then combined with the ripped jeans and brown boots.
Red ovessized sweater with white shawl can be a really perfect combination. Then, wear your ripped jeans ang beige ankle boots to make your look more worthy.
This look with black leather trousers and ankle boots looks stand out with the orange wool sweater and beige shawl.
This green bomber jacket can match well wih your black legging and white sneakers.
Black leather jacket and grey t-shirt look really harmonious with the black ripped jeans.

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At last, since you have looked at the references above, you’ll find out that winter won’t be the problem for you. Here, you just need to simply wear the outfit that can warm you up. Since it will be different for each person on how much warmth that needed, then you can freely choose the outfit based on your body condition. The point is that consider the warmth first then you can move to the fashion.

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