24 Trendy Casual Outfit Ideas to Wear Everyday This Winter

Preparing trendy winter clothes is a possibility. Besides holding you back from the cold, the appearance must remain trendy. For that matter, you need a little creation and reference. Some of the mandatory outfits that you copy are coat, sweater or knit, scarf, and leather jacket. The outfit will protect you from the cold and keep you looking trendy. Every woman has their own style of appearance. Therefore, here are some references.


The first outfit you must have is a coat. How to provide super warm, casual yet trendy coat. In general, a coat made from thick fabric. No wonder if entering the winter the women always provide this outfit.

How gray can create an extraordinary monochromatic feel.
A relaxed combination of a gray coat with black inner and blue jeans
This brown coat can make you look more shining with the inner white bone
For semi-formal nuances, gray coat can indeed be the main choice
Monochromatic blend with white coat and the following minimalist black coat
A slightly stylish collar makes you look more attractive
Although repeated, black and gray colors are timeless and always pleasing to the eye

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Next is the sweater. The fact is knitting details make you still look cool and casual. Because the pressure is light and not too formal. So you can wear it in various events.

Well done combination between over size beige sweater with army jeans
As an outer, a white sweater help you to maximize your appearance this winter
Inviting combination between army color sweater and simple plaid skirt
Over size sweater is suitable for you who have a thin body to create a big impression
Black over size sweater with black jeans for a simple appearance
It will be more attractive to combine an over size sweater as an outer and white blouse as an inner
Black and beige are the best combination color for your casual appearance

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Leather Jacket

Every woman must have it. A coherent leather jacket worn with any outfit. Not only protects you from the cold but makes you look trendy and stylish.

Perfect appearance with sweater, blouse, red leather jacket, black shirt for your trendy and casual appearance
Combine your midi shirt with black leather jacket for your elegance apperance
It can be more stylish with plaid blouse and black leather jacket
Black and leopard detail are suitable for your chic outif
The graceful impression can be seen from the combination of gray leggings and black leather jacket

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To guarantee warmth in winter. You should add a scarf in your neck. So you really feel warm. You can adjust various motifs and scarf details.

Big scarf with detail plaid to help you in a very beautiful impression

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Simple but still warm with the following simple thick scarf
Fur always makes a more fantastic appearance and makes you look more elegant
A pleasing detail of a simple scarf between beige and a charming black line
Big plaid peacock color combines charming green and makes your appearance more memorable

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If it’s about appearance, then there’s no negotiation in it. You must look trendy and stylish in any season. It’s just that winter clothes have a few warm details and are made of thick. The goal is self-protection. So some types of outfit above are the choices. Alloy coat or sweater with a scarf accessories is the most common choice.

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