30 Best OPI Fall/Winter Nail Ideas To Perfect Your Style

When talking about fashion, you can’t underestimate your nails. Here, you should make sure that you can make your nails into the pretty one. Or, at least you can make it harmonious with your outfit. Moreover, to adjust it with your event or the season is also awesome. It is because the nails can really work well to top off your look. In addition, if you let your nails just that way without any touch then it will be boring.

In applying the nail polish, you can have it in some different brands, but for your advice, you can use OPI. Since there are so many pretty kinds of the OPI nail polish, then choosing it as your nail polish is the right choice. Talking about winter nail art, there are some designs that you can apply. In case you need some references to get the ideas of the best nail art design, then simply check these pictures out.

The red wine color combined with black with ombre technique seems really awesome. It ia because the color blending is really soft.
In case you need something stand out, you can add your nail with the white glitter. Moreover, it also match with winter as it has the snow illusion.
Green could be applied for your winter nail since it represent Christmas color really well. Add it with gold and white line not to make it boring.
Christmas touch that brought into this nail art is really awesome. Even more, the sparkling beads make your nails look stand out.
The light blue color seems really match with grey and silver colors. Then, the snow pattern represent the season really well.
Here, the sparkling applied into your green nails give the glorious impression. Moreover, the snow illusion also brought here.
In case you don’t like something colorful, you can use the nude color. In hence, add it with a little bit ornament not to make it looks boring.
Even the dark blue could also represent the winter season. Especially when you add it with the white snow pattern which is really match with the season.
Even for the black color could be made to have a pretty look. Here, you can do it by adding the purple glitter.
Red nails in shining look can be really appealing. That is why this nails will fit you who love to be the centre of interest.
For more fierce and modern look, you can add silver color into your black nails.
This green tosca nail color used as the basic color. In hence, the abstract pattern creates to make it even more adorable.
This time, the red color applied in two different types. Here, you can look at how the matte combined with the shining one.
For you the confident and modern women, this nail art will really match. In addition, the silver glitter give the pretty touch not to make it looks too rigid.
Red and white are the colors that used as the theme here. It brings the Christmas theme with the snow pattern applied.
Black could be the fierce nail color but still pretty if you add it with the other color. Here we have the purple and sparkling one.
Grey as the neutral color will fit you the modern woman. You can add it with glitter not to make it looks boring.
This one is quite simple as the winter nail art but also really stand out because of the color choice.
This purple nail art color beside added with the glitter, it also given the jewelry beads. Then, the ombre style also applied into this nail art design.
White and pink colors applied in ombre style will evem more perfect with the glitter and snow pattern.
Blue color can also awesome combined with silver color. Beside as the glitter, you can have it in snow pattern.
This pink shining nail art is really awesome if you love to look chic and pretty. Since it is really stand out, then you can have it to go party.
This nail art serve you with the snow pattern in a massive way. As the winter nail art, it is really pretty.
This green nail color even more glorious and stand out with the glitter.
Purple could be really pretty especially when it is combined with white color whih is applied into ombre style.
This time, each of nail has the same design. Here, the nails applied with blue color as the base then added with the sparkling glitter.
Red plaid will always proper for your winter nail art. Use the same nail art during the Christmas celebration since it has the Christmas color.
For you who don’t like the chic style, you can apply this nail art design. The dark grey color looks really modern then the snow pattern gives the calming effect.
Without any doubt, it could be applied for your winter nail art. Because the Christmas colors used here, you can even use it for your Christmas celebration.

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Anyway, this nail art might the very soothing one. It is because the color combination which is really peaceful, calm, and pretty at the same time.

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After looking at the references above, you’ll find out that most of the nail art designs use snow and glitter as the pattern. It is because those two things are really match with the season. You know that in winter the snow will fall and it could be the best pattern idea that you choose. Moreover, there are also some designs with Christmas theme since the celebration will be there during Christmas.

Then, for the color choices, you can choose the colors with winter or Christmas theme. Here, the colors that won’t fail you are white, red, and green which are represent Christmas celebration. In hence, for winter color you can have blue whether in light or dark shade and white or silver. Anyway, it is still possible for you to apply the other colors. To adjust it with the season, you can add it with the winter touch like glitter or snow pattern.

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